Bollywood R... Rajkumar Movie Review 2016

Read the Exclusive R... Rajkumar Movie Review by Smita.
R... Rajkumar Movie Review
Star-Cast: Shahid Kapoor, Sonakshi Sinha, Sonu Sood
Director: Prabhu Dheva
Producer: Sunil A Lulla, Viki Rajani
Duration: 2 hrs 27 mins
R Rajkmar is stuck in a time warp. It has some village goons fighting to get monopoly over the opium market in not only their ilaaka but the poori duniya. Then they have henchmen who get into innumerable stupid fights and bash each other up at the tiniest provocation. Then there is heroine who can beat up eve teasers but simpers coyly when she gets disgustingly called Lollypop by her aashiqui. She sings a song where she calls him badmash , awaara etc a la Asha Parekh and finally a hero who falls in love at first sight, owns the heroine and will come back from the dead to even the score. Sigh, cry, why???

The only good line in the whole movie is where Sonakshi tells Shahid “tum to mere height ke bhi nahi ho” and he says”tumhara vajan dekha hai kya? Main adjust kar raha hoon tum bhi kar lo”. If this can make me happy then you know how bad the rest is. The only good part of the movie is the rather comical choreography especially in the ‘sari ke fall se’ song, where a guy randomly enters the frame and runs out. Maybe that’s what Prabhudeva should stick to doing.

Shahid does a good job of the dancing but that’s about it. I don’t know why he chooses these absurd roles that make him act like an idiot. There are a couple of close ups when he is angry and there is so much intensity in him that you feel sorry that he wastes himself in this kind of rubbish. Sonakshi is in one of her leaner phases in this movie or the ghagra and the square ‘Sponge Bob’ cut of her salwars manages to hide a lot.

This movie might appeal to the lowest of the low intelligences. There was one such person in the row ahead of me laughing like a hyena at every inane joke and every sexist, demeaning, humiliating comment aimed at women. I love Prabhu Deva as a choreographer and a dancer but if this is how he views women and treats them then I really cannot separate the dancer from the man.

I cannot even tell you to leave your brains behind and watch it. Even if you do, at some deep subliminal level, in your gut, you will reject it. I think if shown to a comatose person he will wake up in disgust (ah! that could actually be a scene in this movie!) Am disgusted. For both of us. Stay at home and thank me for doing you this favour.


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